From deep UV to IR

Choose from a very wide range of laser wavelengths. All our LuxX and PhoxX diode lasers fit directly into the LightHUB. From cw to > 250MHz modulation. And for the non-diode DPSS wavelengths: our LightHUB accepts third-party lasers!

Fiber or Free Space

We offer the most stable Fiber System available. With the fiber that matches your application: multi- or single mode, polarization preserving.... Terminated with a fiber connector of your choice, or collimated. You want to use it free-space? Easy.....

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The Ultimate Light Engine

A LightHUB can accomodate up to 6 lasers. Each of them coupled with high eficiency into one co-linear beam and/or into a single mode fiber. Lasers can be easily swapped and added on-site because of its modular design. You want to use one of the lasers somewhere else? Just take it out and continue using your LightHUB with the remaining wavelengths!

Rock Stable

You touch it when you unpack the box. Mount it, plug in the cables and GO! No need to touch it again, for years.....

Want to see it with your own eyes? Ask for a hands-on demo!


2D Reconstruction of localizations for LifeAct-GFP to label actin.

Courtesy of L. Kapitein and D. Salas-Pasterne, UU Biophysiscs, NL.