Equipment manufacturers

I started as a young physics engineer at Philips, developing fiber-coupled lasers for telecom. My next jobs were more commercially “colored”: Melles Griot, Optilas, Newport and Applied Laser Technology (ALT). My passion for technology developed over the years into an intuitive feeling on how challenges can be solved. It has become my basics for discussions with end-users: either scientists, engineers or “artists”. A good solution is simple, elegant, well-designed.

My contribution to your succes can be that “my” manufacturers have a solution for your application. Omicron started mainly with oem-activities; it has been their basis for succes over the past 25 years. "Made in Germany": from R&D through engineering to final production. All disciplines are in-house: Mechanics, Optics, Electronics and Software. Omicron is ISO 9000 certified, and very "involved". Highly recommended!

On top of that, I have had the privilege to meet with many talented people in the past 30 years. Making connections between you and them can add value to your project. Of course after a thorough “confidentiality-check”, you can rely on that.

Contact us for your next "light" project and find out what we can add!

Erik Keune


"Modified standards", "Custom Solutions"

involved  [in-volv’d]
committed or engaged, as in