Photo ablation / activation / ...

Spot and patterns

With the Firefly system, you have one spot, fired with a click of the mouse. Adding the Geo gives the possibilty to create patterns or geometrical shapes for illumination of your sample.

Modular scanner-based and DMD-based pattern or spot illumination systems for your microsope.

Define the area(s) where you need the light for e.g.




          -ablation, ..... 

in an intuitive interface. Choose wavelength(s) and optical power... and: execute!!

You can start with a straightforward Firefly "point-and-shoot" single laser system which can be easily upgraded to 4 wavelengths; Led's or Lasers; medium or high power.

And, you can add the GEO system to it, allowing you to define your illumination patterns in an easy graphic software environment. With an intuitive user-interface, like in a movie editing program.

Timed, multi-pattern

You can easily program sequences where you can combine multiple patterns, and define the timing for each of the elements.

Local IP3 uncaging

A sample movie which shows three (Firefly) shots and their effect on the sample.

ChR2 activation

A sample movie which shows a GEO illumination followed by the optogenetic response.

Firefly webpage

GEO webpage


Ca2+ waves evoked by local IP3 uncaging.

Courtesy of John McCarron, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.