LED sources

Omicron designs and manufactures LED sources for Industry, Science and Research.

With the user-applications in mind. Always.

Temperature controlled for neccessary stability; user-upgradable for versatility.

LED sources for microscopy

High-output, high stability systems. Ready to use, attach them directly to your experiment.

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Multi-color LED sources.

Up to 6 wavelengths. High output powers. Aligned. Free space or fiber-coupled. Multiple fiber-options. User upgradable.

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Single-color LED modules.

for Industry and Research.

Temperature controlled for best stability; user-upgradable for versatility.

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Section of pancreas rat tissue, 100nm. Staining Hoechst (blue), insulin-Alexa594 (orange), OsO4 (EM). Courtesy of P. de Boer and B.N.G. Giepmans, UMCG, NL.

Phenomworld Delphi.