Omicron designs and manufactures high-quality Diode Lasers for Industry, Science and Research.

From picoseconds to high-power CW.

High speed modulation and true "On/Off"

Light Engines with multiple wavelengths and/or single lasers.

Discover them below.

Multi-Laser Light Engines.

Up to 6 wavelengths per light engine. Rock-solid. Aligned. Free space or fiber-coupled. Multiple fiber-options. User upgradable.

Diode Lasers,

fast modulation.

for Industry and Research.

Temperature controlled for best stability; up to >250MHz switching speeds.

picosecond Lasers with great focusability

The QuixX series deliver picosecond pulses at 0-100MHz rep rates. As Master or Slave. Extremely low jitter, great focusability and fiber-coupling.

Plus true cw-mode.

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3D Reconstruction of Tubulin antibody labeling with Alexa647.

Courtesy of L. Kapitein and D. Salas-Pasterne, UU Biophysiscs, NL.