LedHUB Fluo-series

Optimized for your Fluorophores

The LedHUB Fluo-series Led sources are preconfigured for fluorescence applications.

Optimized for use with DAPI, FITC, TRITC and Cy5 (and similar) fluorophores.

Matches 100% with e.g. the Semrock Brightline® multiband filters and filter sets. Or ask us to supply the filters with your system.

Optimized for your Microscope

Output can be a Quartz fiber or 3 mm or 5 mm Liquid Light Guides.

Adapters for coupling the light into your Leica, Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss microscope can be easily ordered with each system.

Talks with your Software

Every LedHUB comes with easy-to-start-with Omicron Control Center (OCC) software, plus a full library for MetaMorph, MicroManager, NIS-Elements and LabView.

Expandable for the future

Every LedHUB Fluo can take up to 6 wavelength modules, from UV to IR. The system is user-upgradable: buy an additional wavelength set (Led module and Dichroics) and install it in minutes. Guaranteed!

Higher Power, Better Stability

The LedHUB uses state-of-the art High Power Led Modules, optically optimized for microscopy applications. The result: 50-100% more light!

And, each module is temperature controlled. Together with excellent thermal management inside the LedHUB, this assures superior stability of each module: wavelength ánd optical power.








2 wavelength LedHUB, for FURA-2 Calcium Imaging. Also suitable for DAPI, Alexa488 and similar fluorophores. 4 free slots for additional wavelengths. (e.g. GFP)

Vertical model with 3mm LLG.

4 wavelengths, optimized for DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5 and similar fluorophores. Vertical model with 3mm LLG.  

other fluorophore combinations on request

2 wavelengths, optimized for DAPI, FITC and similar fluorophores.

Vertical model with 3mm LLG.

other fluorophore combinations on request

all LedHUB Fluo's can be upgraded to up to 6 wavelength modules at any time.

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FURA-2 Calcium Imaging, using 340nm and 385nm LedHUB.