Modulation and Gating

In both picosecond and cw mode, the QuixX can be modulated analog and digital (super-imposed) at high frequencies. Control the intensity ánd sync it with your experiment.

Programmable Delay Generator

The Pulse-to-SYNC signal of the internal delay generator can be delayed to up to 28 nanosec with 10ps resolution, allowing easy synchronization of external devices like camera's, detectors or sensors. Or Master-Slave configurations with multiple lasers....

Convenient Interfaces

USB 2.0 and RS232 for easy control of your diode laser. SMA in- and outputs for everything that needs to be fast. Programmable sensitivity ranges: it will work with your setup.

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pico second ánd cw

A picosecond laser with down to 50ps pulses at jitter <2ps! All at extremely low noise, with very high stability.  But, you can operate it also in perfect cw; just as good as our best cw lasers. Everything is in the head, just connect the (included )power supply.

User adjustable pulse shape

In picosecond mode, one can adjust shape, amplitude and repetition rate comfortably. There are two standard modes:"low power, producing gaussian pulses without aftershoot. "high power" delivers more power at the cost of moderate aftershoot.

In "expert mode", we leave it entirely up to you!

High- efficiency Fiber Coupling

By eliminating astigmatism of the diode laser, Omicron produces a high-quality laser with perfect focusabilty. In free space applications, this generates a gaussian spot. In fiber applications this enables very high coupling efficiency.

pico-second Lasers

(and perfect cw)

4 stages of transition from dsDNA to ssDNA (left to right, top to bottom)

Courtesy of Lumicks.