From UV to NIR and IR

We offer the widest range available in the market. If there is a (reliable!) diode available, you will be able to get it in one of our Diode Laser packages.

We recently added many wavelengths in the 800-1100nm range! And there are more wavelengths in the visible to come...

Different Configuration Options

Each of our Diode Lasers can be delivered with a variety of options. With an optimized beam diameter to your specifications, free-space or fiber output, OEM-style or for laboratory use, ....

Convenient Interfaces

USB 2.0 and RS232 for easy control of your diode laser. SMA in- and outputs for everything that needs to be fast. Programmable sensitivity ranges: it will work with your setup.

Low Noise

All of our diode series deliver the lowest noise and best stability available. And in our BrixX-series you will find a nice range of narrow-bandwidth lasers. You want something else? Just contact us; we might be able to offer right what you want!

up to Very Fast

True digital ON/OFF at >180MHz ... Our PhoxXplus lasers will amaze you. With (super-imposed) analog modulation up to >25MHz.

Our LuxXplus offer 250:1 digital modulation up to >250MHz and analog modulation of >3MHz.

You do not need fast modulation? Our LuxX series are your choice!

Need  help in finding the right Diode Laser? Just ask, we'll help you right away.

Everything in the Head

Our LuxX and BrixX families have all electronics integrated into the laser head. No external controller; just power it and control it.

Diode Lasers

Projection neurons in a songbird brain.  Courtesy of T. Templier and R.H.R. Hahnloser, Univ. of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Delmic Secom

PhoxX +

very fast true ON/OFF

True on/off to >180MHz.

Analog modulation from cw to 25MHz.

Near-gaussian beam quality, wavelengths: 375nm - 1550nm.

The ultimate FLIM tool.

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LuxX +

fast modulation

perfect cw

for Industry and Research.

Temperature controlled for best stability; up to >250MHz digital switching speeds. Full analog control and modulation. The general Lab Tool....

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higher powers

narrow bandwidths

for Industry and Research.

High Power versions up to 2.5W

Temperature controlled for best stability; >1.5MHz digital switching speeds.

Free space and fiber outputs

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